Bring Your Apple II Work

You should bring your Apple II work. There’s nothing wrong with the idea. Yesterday, I had mentioned that I had brought an Apple IIc Plus as a cube-side companion.  I had set it up, using a DVD player as a LCD display.  The display is highly portable, but the dispaly quality definitely takes a hit.  The big benefit is that the whole deal can jam into a reasonably sized laptop bag, you know,  for the Apple II ambassador to the world on the go.  Setting up the serial video streaming rig is straight forward:  RS-232 compatible connection from your PC connected to a IIc MiniDIN8 connection (Trivia:  The RS in RS-232 stands for Recommended Standard.  Early on, this was a +/-10vdc signal that sometime got driven at lower signal levels and lead to communication problems.  Soon a +/-5vdc driver appeared and became known as RS-232 compatible).  That’s about it on the hardware side, so let’s review the inventory:  An Apple IIc, a display of some type, an Apple IIc serial connection (RS-232 DSub-9 to MiniDIN8 cable.  You’ll want one for ADTPro anyway,  available here).

On the software side, your are going to need vnIIc.  The software is step by step easy, and the site does a great job of documenting what you need to do.

Earlier this week, I covertly deployed this rig in the cube at work.  I experimented with single frame displays, and streaming the YouTube corporate video channel.  I need a better monitor, though, as the little LCD isn’t very crisp.

An idea was brought up to video the exercise and post it to YouTube, poetically bringing the whole thing full circle.  Armed with a few spare minutes and my n900, I set out to get some mediocre shots and fix the whole thing in post production.  I need a steady cam.

The Resulting Video is hereby tendered for your review.


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