Joystick Restoration Video

When I did my joystick restoration, I also wanted to try to document it.  I am finding the video part challenging as I have little experience in this and am trying to find a method that is not too time consuming and give me a modicum of experience.  SO I guess, the video is also part of the experiment.  I also plan to do this for the other Apple II restorations that are upcoming.

My first battle is with the editing software I am using to piece together my splices.  The second battle I have is searching for a plugin that works well for self hosting video and at some point I would like to display as well, but I think I am getting into a can of worms supporting OS and browser variations.  Third, I am still struggling with my methods of rendering video and need good way to host the video and or stream the video as the Quick time movie below is lengthy to download, but for those who do I applaud and thank you for your patience.

Apple Joystick Restoration

2 thoughts on “Joystick Restoration Video”

  1. That’s pretty interesting and engaging for those of us on the ‘lunatic fringe’ (as it were) of retro technology. I was expecting more of a how-to or step-by-step kind of thing – this is more entertainment-oriented, though. I bet it was fun to do!

  2. Thanks, David. It was a fun to make, but really the whole thing was an experiment to see what it would take to video, could it look interesting and what the result would be. I want to spend more time with the Apple IIs that I want to refurbish, much longer than a weekend project, and provide some of my experience as I gain it. My vision for those projects should be closer to an instructional expection. Thanks for watching!

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