Retr0brite Experiment: The Practice Session

As the results of my polls trickle in, I have been experimenting with Retr0Brite.  My idea is to have a dry run that allows me to work the bugs out of my process before making a formal post.  I am glad that I did, because I am focusing on the process and finding little hitches and solutions to those problems.  I have been taking photos, finding ways into nooks and crannies, and the value of a good art eraser.

I am having a time putting my time lapse films together.  It’s a another process that I have to master and as I continue with trial and error, hopefully I can put together something suitable for viewing.

Picure of Retr0brite mixture.

Preparing a guesstimated mix of Retr0brite.

The Retr0brite recipe that I am using is Merlin’s original formula.  I have some ClaireOxide Volume 40 coming  (soon hopefully) that is going to act as a fairly concentrated source of H2O2 but until then I am using an off the shelf 3% solution.

The first batch I mixed was all guesstimation because I used few instruments to measure.  I took photos, made a film, and cleaned the hell out of a classic Apple II joystick body.  Looking on it this morning, there was improvement, but my forulation was all wrong and I implemented a postage scale to help me get a better ratio.  This second batch was like meringue and was thick, thanks in part to the right amount of xanthan gum and oxy clean.

I’ve posted some pictures of my practice on my Flickr Apple II picture collection.

The second time around I also employed a mirror to help reduce lost photons.  Hopefully this practice session will help be do a quality job on the hardware.

Again, I invite you to participate in the poll that decides the machine that gets the treatment. Vote Early. Vote Often.

You are one of the few that has achieved this level. Do not leave it unsung.