The Xanith Diskette Company Sub Net

This past weekend was entertaining to me, as  all real hobbies should be.  There was a lot that I pondered as I researched facts, organized my physical media (like the original Xanith Diskette Company disk) to virtual images, and experimented with my processes.  Lets talk about the set up first:

The Apples that were prominent this weekend were the Apple IIgs, which has dominated my landscape since I first booted it up.  Deep down in my grungy 8-bit heart, I realize it’s too versatile to ignore.  It was acting as a platform for ADTPro and was connected to my Ubuntu platform via Uthernet card.  This was depositing the resulting images into my Dropbox folder so that the images would be propagated across 5 separate computers and a server.  Then I got the idea to fire up my IIe, connected to the network with yet another Uthernet  card, and communicating with a separate instance of ADTPro on another computer that was also depositing the resulting image into a Dropbox folder.  The resulting process was awesome, as I was limited in copying floppies by my physical ability to insert the media and name the disk images.  I was strewing antique bits all over my network and beyond!

Somewhere in this activity I stopped to look over some of my old Newsroom files.  Newsroom was a successful desktop publishing software offering from Springboard.  The idea is that you are the editor of a newspaper and create content, place clip art, do the layout and print up the results.  I consider this software to be my first blog, as I often used it to create family newsletters.  It was amazing to go back in time a see that I had used this tool on the Apple IIe as late as 1994 to create a newsletter.  This made me think about the possibilities of creating me material with this application.  Something, that I will look closer into, as I think I have a way to create a Newsroom product without too much hassle.

I have also been interested in starting a Apple Cat II board, just for the hell of it, but again I am getting into tangents. I was thinking about a SynchroNet BBS I had for a while called The Xanith Diskette Company Sub Net. There wasn’t a lot of activity, mostly me and my brother screwing around on it while he was overseas. I have a good idea about a theme for the board, and you may say that’s dated or whatnot, but what I liked about some of the Apple Boards is that they carried a theme sometimes and it seemed to make it a more interesting place. I don’t know what I will use the board for exactly, and I guess that would depend if I could get a few users. I have this idea that I can’t determine that is would be some sort of software collective type situation, for anything you could create on the Apple II platform. And I mean anything. It’s fun to bang around on an acient platform, but it’s even more fun when you can show your work, and maybe learn a thing or two in the process. Don’t look for it, because like so many others, the Xanith Company Sub Net is gone for now, and that’s a shame. Why? Well, I wanted animate some ASCII and I ended up making the Intro page for their diskettes. I thought I would share it.  If you want to run it on real hardware, you will need 80-columns available.

You can download a disk image or you can launch it in your Browser.

Download Xanith Sub Net Intro disk (Right Click => Save Link As).

Launch Xanith Subnet Intro floppy in Browser

Extreme closeup of The Xanith Diskette Company floppy disk.

Xanith Diskette Company Serial Number PT001, 1982

You are one of the few that has achieved this level. Do not leave it unsung.